Fighting Depression with Sertraline HCL

Sertraline serves a revolutionary antidepressant, which is classified as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. The mechanism of the drug action has not been fully studied yet, though the drug is known to influence brain chemicals producing the desirable effect. Additionally, the medication produces a powerful effect on the central nervous system balancing the disorders. As a result, Sertraline Hydrochloride is used as a treatment of panic disorders, premenstrual dysphoric complication, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, etc. Additionally, Sertraline HCL 50 mg can be administered for other purposes not listed in the safety guide.

How to Administer Sertraline HCL and Witness Required Effects

Striving to experience positive Sertraline effects, the medication should be used strictly in accordance with the prescription. Consult your healthcare specialist, mention all the disorders and complications you have, as well as medications you take to adjust the optimal dose. Do not change the prescription. Even the slightest diversifications may activate undesirable reactions and nasty complications.

Sertraline is the drug that can be used with or without food. The drug will produce a better effect if used regularly at the same time daily. Keep in mind that the remedy can change the results of multiple medical tests. Warn your physician about Sertraline HCL intake before the procedures. The treatment should be administered for a complete duration of the therapy, since the first improvement may occur even after 4 weeks of the intake. Sudden stop of the medication use can activate severe withdrawal symptoms, so ask your healthcare provider about the way to stop Sertraline administration safely.

Sertraline Dosing Information

During the doctor’s consultation, he/she will adjust Sertraline HCL dose, sufficient for a positive impact. Thus, it will vary enormously, depending on the peculiarities of the patient’s health. However, since Sertraline 50 mg from Ranbaxy is currently on the top of demand, the dose is optimal for the vast majority of complications. Nevertheless, there may be some differences, also based on the type of the condition and its severity:

  • Depression, obsessive compulsive disorder – 50 mg Sertraline HCL administered once a day;
  • Panic disorder, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder – 25 mg once a day.

The maintenance dose may range from 50 up to 200 mg a day. Contact your healthcare provider before the therapy to ensure the medication is completely safe for you and will not cause any side effects or complications. Harmful interactions may occur if Sertraline HCL is combined with other pharmaceuticals, so let your doctor known about prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals you are using.

Cheap and Effective Sertraline Alternatives

Due to an increasing popularity of the antidepressant, it has got numerous alternatives. Zoloft is one of the most effective and appreciated Sertraline HCL counterparts that are available at an attractive price. Purchasing the medication online you can save even more money and time. Additionally, the treatment can be ordered without prescription in several online stores. Moreover, together with affordable Zoloft cost, you will be able to get price reductions.